Are you tired of being in pain? 

Are you missing out on things you love? Are you frustrated that no one seems to understand what you are going through?  Do you feel like your life is no longer your own? 

I totally get it!  I have helped many just like you find lasting relief, and I am certain I can help you too!

That is why I wrote The Persistent Pain Solution: 6 Steps to Eliminating Flare-ups, Getting Off Medication, and Reclaiming the Life You Love


In This Book You Will Learn:

-       Why you continue to hurt

-       Why your pain threshold is so much lower than it used to be

-       Why the medications you are taking may be worsening rather than fixing the problem

-       How stress, old emotional baggage, and even your personality type may be contributing to the problem

-       How to identify the major issue(s) keeping your pain condition going

-       How to desensitize your nervous system

-       How to stop the cycle of persistent pain

-       How to lower your stress and release old emotional baggage

-       How to build resilience to pain when it does occur

-       How to once again be the person, parent, or spouse you long to be


The point is, this book will empower you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to take your life back

Think of how many days of your life you have missed due to pain or fatigue. 

Remember the countless hours of sitting in clinics or doctors’ offices only to be disappointed with the lack of relief you experienced as a result. 

Think of how much money you have spent on testing, doctor visits, medications, complimentary medicine visits, or remedies. 


Wouldn’t it be nice to take control of your own body and life once and for all?


Look, I know that you, like many with similar conditions, have probably spent a lot of time on Google, in Facebook groups, in support groups, or even in therapy.  But, at what point did anyone put the whole picture together for you?  I’m certain that no one probably ever has.  Until now.


As a Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with dual training in Mind-Body Medicine, and with countless patient encounters with people just like you, I have identified the 6 steps you need to know to stop the cycle of flare-ups, restore your energy, reduce or even eliminate medications you are taking, and get back to the life you love and enjoy!



Still not sure?  Check out these testimonials from people just like you:


Have questions?  Here are some that come up time and again. 


The life you love is waiting.  Order now, and let’s get started!


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