Meditation, MD

Meditation is a life skill everyone should know, and maybe one of the most important health interventions we can offer
— Peter Buecker, MD

Peter Buecker, MD is a native of Louisville, Kentucky where he has been in medical practice as an Orthopedic Surgeon since 2005. 

Since 2012, he has been teaching mindfulness & meditation as way to reduce stress, improve health, and enhance well-being for people of all backgrounds.

He has studied mindfulness & meditation academically in addition to his own professional and personal exploration and practice.  Currently he is completing a PhD at Saybrook University in California, where his research is focused on novel ways of teaching mindfulness meditation as a path to ongoing health and well-being.

His teaching represents an amalgamation of the most ancient and the most contemporary meditation teachers and traditions.  The reason is this: he focuses on what works.  His students get exactly what they need to be successful with the practice in everyday life.

In addition to his work at Meditation, MD, Dr. Pete is the Chief Medical Officer at BehaVR, a company utilizing a combination of virtual reality technology and mindfulness to tackle some of today's most challenging health issues.

He is the author of No Magic Pill: Be Happier and Healthier Now, Just As You Are and is currently authoring his second book The Crazy Brain Solution: 6 Steps to Taming Your Mind with Meditation Anyone Can Do.